EcoWest tracks, analyzes, and visualizes environmental trends in the American West.

Browse through any newspaper in the region and you’ll see detailed dashboards depicting stock prices, batting averages, and high temperatures. But what about the state of the West itself? What’s happening with droughts, floods, and climate change? Where are wildfires burning? Which species are in trouble?  What’s happening to our snowpack?

We created EcoWest to answer these questions, and many others.

EcoWest aggregates, analyzes, visualizes, and freely shares critical data on the West’s environment, primarily through PowerPoint slides, graphics, maps, videos, dashboards, and other online tools. Our mission is to inform the public and policymakers by creatively communicating what the latest science, monitoring, polling, and research is telling us about how the West is changing.

As we developed EcoWest, we consulted with a broad range of experts and advisors who could help us interpret the data, explain the limitations, and identify emerging threats.

Creation of EcoWest was supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Visualizing environmental trends